Chinese Style Massage – 中式按摩

Chinese Style Massage- 中式按摩 Have you been searching for an authentic and traditional Chinese massage in Las Vegas? Then look

Deep Tissue Massage -指压按摩

Deep Tissue Massage -指压按摩 in Las Vegas A deep tissue massage is one of the few techniques that provides consistent

Swedish Massage – 油压

S wedish massages-油压 are well known for increasing circulation to large muscle groups and are a great way to improve

Couple Massage –    情侣按摩

A couple’s massage 情侣按摩 is a perfect way to enjoy a day at the spa with your partner. A big

Body Scrub Massage – 身体磨砂按摩

B ody Scrub Massage – 身体磨砂按摩 are one of the best ways to fully exfoliate, nourish, hydrate, and cleanse your

Thai Shampoo – 泰式洗头

Thai Shampoo Massage – 泰式洗头 At Mu Tao Wellness Spa, our professional staff is highly skilled in the Thai Head